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The Boy with two names

This is one of those special, rare books that touches the heartstrings of adult readers, but also has potential to be a favorite children's book. It deals with the transition of an adopted baby from his birth mother to his adoptive parents. It beautifully and gently depicts the love on both sides, as well as the difficulty of the decision. A must-read, especially for people in the adoptive process. 

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Kylene S.

"Such a great book that captures the love of the birth mother as well as the love of the adoptive parents."

Laura M.

"Awesome book. Easy to read. Highlights the sacrifice of the birth parent and the importance of having an open adoption (when possible.) We are patiently waiting to complete our family through adoption, this book has helped me open my heart to finding a way to keep ties to the birth parent, and how it would benefit everyone, especially the child. Well done Chelsey."

Olivia B.

"This is a beautiful book about both sides of the open adoption process. It's a simple story that can be easily be read to children but adults can also find worth in it. I know this book will bless many families and hopefully it will help guide our society into better understanding the love behind adoptions. Highly Recommend!"

Leslie K.

"This beautifully written and illustrated story is a must read for all parents and children to better understand adoption. This tender story of love and giving warms the heart."

Tim K.

"What a wonderful tribute to the bittersweet triumphs of open adoption. This book puts into words what is in the hearts of both sides of an open adoption. It's really a must read for anyone touched by the selfless gift of adoption."


"I can imagine a child having this read to them and recognizing the importance of all the steps that adults go through just to care for him/her. The theme about being loved comes across beautifully. The colors and illustrations of the book are as beautiful as the heart of the story. It is great to have positive resources for important topics such as open adoption. I would recommend this. It can be used in various ways to communicate on the topic, and also something to hold onto as a keepsake in the special journey of an adoptee."

Author & Illustrators



"It was an honor to be a part of something this special."

-Curtis J. Simmons

The inspiration

The journey to write this first book was an adventurous one! I had someone in my life that I was very close to that made the decision to choose open adoption for her child. While trying to process and understand this choice I knew I wanted to find a book to gift to her to help her through this journey. I soon realized that all the adoption books I could find never really mentioned the birth mother. From that point God deposited an inspiration for a beautiful picture book designed to share the journey of open adoption while honoring the birth mother as well as the adoptive family and focus on the fact that this choice was made because of the love that surrounded the child. That is how "The Boy with Two Names" was created.



"I look forward to this book landing in the hands of those around the world who choose open adoption, have been part of an adoption story, or to anyone who enjoys a good children's picture book. "

-Chelsey Simmons